Hogo wants my data?! Yes, to delete it 

by Adrian Yang

Hogo wants my data?! Yes, to delete it 

If you’re like me, you’re a little concerned about a lot of things – or maybe a lot concerned about everything. I’m especially worried about my personal information being collected and used against me. I mean, data brokers have, on average, 3,000+ pieces of information on each of over 200 million Americans. Not only am I angry that others profit at my expense, but I wonder about the implications for the safety of myself and those I love. Can my identity be easily stolen? Will I receive targeted ads that will influence me into buying things I don’t need? Is my family at risk? The short answer is: yes. 

Being privacy-minded comes with a lot of fear, and it has led me to do some irrational things: paying for useless software, spending countless hours worrying about things I don’t know how to control and more. After seeing headline after headline of identity theft and data trafficking, I’m skeptical of everything – especially when an app asks for my information.  

But Hogo is different. 

How Does Hogo Protect Your Personal Information?

Hogo® lets me Defend My Privacy™ with automated information removals from data trafficker sites, $25K of fraud insurance, and 24/7 scam assistance – all for free. It creates a privacy ecosystem of prevention, protection, and resolution. But when they asked for my personal information, the usual paranoia kicked in. My real name? My address? Why?! Then I learned the answer: they’re searching for this information across data trafficker sites, and they automate the removal of these data. They’ll never sell my personal information. They only make money when I upgrade my account, credit, loan, mortgage, and other offers I can get with my credit.  

Not only am I no longer worried about what Hogo needs my data for, but now I don’t have to worry about my private information being sold on data trafficker sites either. Just in case something happens, though, I now have fraud insurance, and even more help from Hogo. Thanks Hogo – you rock! 

by Adrian Yang Dec 22, 2022