Hacked Instagram Account – Why Your  Login Could be for Sale on the Dark Web 

by Nate Ryan

Hacked Instagram Account – Why Your  Login Could be for Sale on the Dark Web 

533 million Facebook users had their data leaked in a data breach in 2019, most of which are available on a public online forum. This leaked data could be a reason why scammers hacked your Instagram account.


  • Information from data breaches can be stored and used by cybercriminals for years. 
  • Using social media accounts to log into apps and other services can put your account at risk. 
  • Regularly updating your Instagram and other accounts with secure passwords can curb hacking attempts. 

Why Are These Account Hackings Happening?

As social media platforms have become a place of connection, influence, and even business, hackers have begun to target those using platforms like Instagram to get sensitive information or solicit transactions from their followers. By accessing even one account with only a modest number of followers, hackers and scammers can access more people’s personal information. They then can turn around and sell your data on the dark web

Following the considerable Facebook and Instagram data breach in 2019, users of both platforms have experienced an uptick in account hacking regarding their accounts or that of their peers.  

Here are a few things you can do to secure your Instagram account better and prevent your account from being hacked.

Step 1: Use Unique Strong Passwords

Passwords can be hard to remember, especially with most sites requiring unique characters, numbers, and a specific character length. As passwords get more complex, users tend to create one that meets the strict criteria and use it for multiple accounts. According to a survey by Google and Harris Poll in 2019, an average of 52% of American adults reuse the same password for multiple accounts.  
By reusing the same password, your account’s security decreases significantly as data breaches and personal information make it easier for hackers to take over your accounts. That’s why it is so important to use different passwords.  
If you’re worried about remembering all these different passwords, we recommend using a password manager that generates and remembers super secure passwords for you!

Step 2: Enable 2-factor Authentication on Instagram or third-party app like google-authenticator

  1. Select profile  in the bottom right to go to your profile. 
  1. Tap more option  in the top right, then go to settings Settings
  1. Select Privacy and Security, then tap on Two-Factor Authentication
  1. Select Get Started at the bottom. 
  1. Choose the security method you want to add and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Step 3: Check third-party access to Instagram (with guide) 

  1. Select  profile  in the bottom right to go to your profile. 
  1. Tap more options  in the top right, then go to Settings
  1. Select Privacy and Security and then tap on Apps and Websites. 
  1. Now you’ll be able to see the apps and sites that can access your account. 
  1. Revoke access to any third-party app or site by clicking Remove. 

Following both steps will make your account much more secure than before. It’s suggested to look into the settings of your other social media apps to enable two-factor authentication and remove third-party access.  
Stay Cyber Safe!

by Nate Ryan Oct 18, 2022